Claims handling

We have established our own in-house claims team who deliver an excellent service with a commercial mind-set and customer focus.

We recognise the importance of resource management. We find the most suitable surveyor(s), expert(s), consultant(s) or external lawyer(s) for a specific issue. Shipping is an industry with a diverse array of service providers. It is our job to know who can assist our clients in the best way possible. Cooperation is fundamental to achieving positive results when handling a claim, dispute or casualty.

Please send all claims related correspondence to within office hours. Should you experience a maritime emergency or casualty outside office hours, we kindly ask you to refer to our emergency telephone at +47 977 11 100.

Minimize claims costs

We are firm believers of having high quality Safety Management Systems in place on board vessels and spend money on maintenance and loss prevention rather than repairs and claims. As underwriters, we know that a lot of factors influence claims intensity.

Crew is one of those factors and has become subject to increased scrutiny the last few years. To acquire crew with the right attitude and competence, train them and retain them for many years is probably the best prescription to keep claims down.

Nowadays, technology is easy accessible, but human capital is a more scarce resource we need to care for. Hydor will focus on the human element and crew factor when doing our risk assessment.


Complaints Board for Consumers in Banking and Finance Matters / Finansklagenemnda (FinKN)
Postboks 53 Skøyen
0212 Oslo
Tel: +47 23 13 19 60
Fax: +47 23 13 19 70

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